Challenge Valley

The course is made up of 12 different obstacles made from wood, ropes, cables , cargo nets and other materials.  The multiple array of obstacles are designed to challenge people from all ages and fitness levels.

Using balance, co-ordination, effective communication, team work and good decision-making skills, the teams move through the course at a pace that suits their level of confidence. 

Team Trail

By working together in teams, the Team  Trail allows the adventurous and the not-so-adventurous alike to work together, building trust in each other in an atmosphere that is fun and challenging. 

Nature Trail

Offering natural beauty and easy access, Eumeralla Scout Camp lets you relax and enjoy the beautiful Surf Coast region at your own pace.

Many of the nature trails take visitors through a range of landscapes within Great Otway National Park and other public land. Rugged coastlines, diverse heathlands and sheltered forests are just some of the inspiring sights you will encounter.

Campfire Fun (Subject to time of year)

Campfires are synonymous with laid back camping chairs, marshmallows, night time noises, bugs, twinkling stars, staring at the night sky, the sharp shoots of wood sparks flying through fresh air, bread-on-a-stick and the smell of other great outdoor food… and of course fun, laughter and good friends!

That in mind, spooky ghost stories or short jokes usually surface…

Initiative Games

Initiative games are fun, cooperative, challenging games in which the group is confronted with a specific problem to solve.  In exploring,  we use initiative games for two reasons:

The games demonstrate and teach leadership skills to Advisors, which helps to promote the growth of Explorers, and the games demonstrate a process of thinking about experiences that helps Explorers learn and become responsible citizens.


Here groups can enjoy the challenge of archery.  Groups are required to supply all equipment.
* Please note that an Archery Licence is required for this activity.
For further information about obtaining an Archery Licence, please contact Archery Australia.

Bush Awareness including:  Bush survival, wild flower discoveries, native animal discoveries night time nature discoveries and much more.

A visit to Eumeralla Scout camp and experiencing its natural sites will help inspire you to learn more about Anglesea's natural environment, culture and heritage. Outdoor experiences help connect people to nature and can be great for personal development, health and well-being as well.

EUMERALLA is situated in a large array of exciting activities to bring in and out of the camp.
Anglesea and its community are huge supporters of environmental awareness and environmentally friendly activities.

Please visit the websites below for programs to suit your next camp.



If you are interested in the environment and want to learn more about the local flora and fauna.
With over 40 years of experience and dedication.
Please visit website for some more information



For eco adventurous sports. These guys can organise all conference team building and corporate motivational activities.
Please visit website for more information.

Go Ride A Wave




Specializing in nature based experimental learning.
They offer a wide variety of activities including
Rockpool Rambles, Ocean Snorkeling tours, guided walks and environmental talks.
Visit website for more information

SeaEarth Adventures


Based on Victoria's Great Ccean Road.
Activities include surfing, mountain biking and kayaking.
Please visit website for more information

Was established in 1987 in Anglesea, Victoria.
Today they provide a range of outdoor activities including surfing,body boarding,surf life saving and surf carnivals.
Please visit website for more information


Download Orienteering Map
Here is the orienteering map for you to download for your own camp program.